mechanical maestria

20180101 Paris, France.

Long overdue for those who have not experienced it first hand: moving imagery of the belts operation and their unmistakable click.

Best wishes for the new year,

PS: This particular CV is not for sale. It’s mine!
PPS: Those fingers are also mine, as rock climbing friends would have guessed…

belts to outlive anything, with elegance

20171016 Paris, France.

the Cx and CV belts

the Cx and CV belts: engineered to last and disrupt the luxury and fashion status quo

the end of things. is offering a chance to bury short-sighted materialism. With the introduction of the Cx and CV belts, durable and functional essentials are no longer things of the past. Leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and traditional French craftsmanship, they could even last for centuries.

“I dream of a world free of ignorant consumerism and planned obsolescence, a vision I share with Tyler Durden”, said Anthony Heng, sleepless founder of the end of things. “A belt appears to be something innocent. Yet, they could last much longer.”

To reach unprecedented durability, the Cx and CV belts feature a patent-pending closure mechanism. Spared by the unique flat design, the leather straps will age under no unnecessary stress. Crafted by skilled artisans in a century-old atelier, they are interchangeable within seconds to suit any situation, including being passed down a generation.

As the end justifies the means, the buckles are machined from solid stainless steel in a workshop more accustomed to surgical instruments and aircraft or F1 parts. With no plating, wear will not reveal a disgraceful underlying material. After years of adventures, the original shine is only a few polishing steps away.

“Technology and machines are mankind’s creations, tools to fulfil a vision. To actually bring things to life, a lot of soul has to go in as well,” commented Anthony who finishes each piece by hand on a custom polishing rig he built himself. “To put humans above all material things, I chose to manufacture locally and sell directly to fellow enthusiasts. This led to meeting extraordinary individuals: maybe this endeavor is not so crazy after all?”

Available in two widths and cut to measure, the belts are made in France and carry a lifetime warranty. The first edition is limited to 25 numbered pieces of each model and width.

From $499 to $769 or 525€ to 825€ including VAT, build your own now on

about the end of things.

Founded in 2014 by Anthony Heng, the end of things. tolls the bell of style over substance by crafting properly engineered, responsibly overbuilt and timelessly designed belts in France.