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lined strap - 30 mm black

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lined strap - 30 mm black

Build your own.

Made-to-order and delivered directly to you, a belt as unique as your choices is not to be encountered anywhere else.

1. width

Elegant, light, thin.

Casual, substantial, wide.

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Belt width is a matter of both style and proportions.

A thin strap elegantly finishes a sophisticated outfit. A wide belt brings that casual look to life.

To properly outline the waist, your silhouette is also part of the equation.

A tall stature calls for a thick belt whereas a slim profile benefits from more finesse.

2. buckle

Sharp, asymmetric, convex.

Balanced, symmetric, concave.

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With speed, objects heavier than air can fly.
Named after the drag coefficient, this one flies over conventions with a streamlined wing profile.

Still, scratching the surface is not my style.
This buckle is convex like a blade to demonstrate how sharp you can be.

Featuring a single loop, the Cx is my take on minimalism.

We only live once.
The concave hourglass body recalls the continuous passing of time.

The symmetric design is a testament to balance.
Two belt loops like two feet planted on the ground to face whatever the future holds.

Like a Curriculum Vitae, the CV embodies a lifetime of experiences.


Sleek, bright, assorted.

Industrial, matte, contrasted.

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Not a single part of the buckle will rust or fade. Wear has more of a polishing effect on 316L stainless steel as no plating is applied.

After a meticulous hand-brushing, all buckles bodies feature a durable and gentle shine.

For a seamless visual integration, this refined finish is applied to the whole buckle.

For more contrast, the loops are left raw. Only their edges are brushed.

During electrical discharge machining, millions of small lightning strikes shape the metal. The surface created is dark, matte and non-reflective. This stealthy industrial flair grows with time as wear will polish the most exposed areas to a brighter shine.

3. strap

Refined, smooth, detailed.

Rugged, textured, simple.

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Urban elegance is the territory of a lined leather strap.

The outer leather is refined with a perfectly smooth box-finished surface. A non-tainted nubuck lining brings contrast in both color and texture. Recessed sewing durably ties both leathers together and adds an extra touch of class.

To shine through any adventure, nothing beats the reliability of a plain full-thickness leather strap.

Vegetable-tanned, each strap features unique patterns and a supple organic feel.

All straps are made of full-grain leathers, even the linings.

To suit any situation you may encounter, the belts feature a modular construction. You can match a buckle and a strap of the same width within seconds.

Straps can be ordered separately.


This one may sound subjective but will not look so.

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Following the classic rule of color-matched belt and shoes or defining your own contrasting style is up to you.

Be advised browns are quite dark, as they should be, and lined straps have more shine than their plain counterparts.

Last but not least, leather is a living material. It will gain a nice patina over time. The effect is particularly pronounced with untainted leather such as our nubuck lining or natural plain strap.



Just like a tailor-made suit, I can cut straps to your exact measure.

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A fitting belt is worn at the middle hole. I will cut your strap so that the circumference of the closed belt is the size above.

If you want to do it yourself, please choose uncut to get the longest strap available.

To ensure a perfect fit, please determine your size with a measuring tape worn as a belt in the loops of the garments you intent to wear. Note your belt size is slightly larger than your waist because of the added thickness.

You can also measure the circumference of you best fitting belt. The hole showing the greatest wear is usually the one to consider.

As benefit from the straight-through pin design, strap size is independent of the buckle model.

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